Underdog Perks

There are a number of perks to being an Underdog

Here are just a few:

We advertise your greatness via the following mediums:
weekly papers & online venues
The LGA network 
Movie Theater Slidesvideo
Meet the Maker (spotlight series)
The Gallery  

We put community first! Make some friends and share your craft via the following:
The Underdog Exchange
 The Calendar: Seek out events and list your own (free)
The Newsletter: Keep up with the Underdog on a monthly basis
Partnerships: We work to partner with local organizations. We have worked with The Oregon Humane Society, Collect Craft, and Planned Parenthood among a few.
The Crafty Underdog Shop: sell your work in our store and online 

We strive to keep your success affordable and sustainable via the following:
The Underdog Membership
Every 4th  Show is Free
Discounts on professional design/small business services


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