Meet the Underdogs: Second Star Designs

Caryn Stockwell

Second Star Designs 

Who are you? (We really wanna know)
I’m the Creative Person in Charge [it’s a pretty fancy title, but one with which I am comfortable]

What do you do?
Anything … everything. As a small business owner, I am the wearer of many hats … many of which don’t fit quite right: shipping, receiving, order processing, manufacturing, designing, marketing, accounting, and am the occasional go-fer. I would take credit for being the CEO, but I think my 6 year old daughter laid claim to that title.

 How do you do what you do when you do what you do?
I create in order to quiet the voices in my head … you know, the ones which wake you up in the middle of the night with color and design ideas based upon flowers or architecture or even pictures of food you saw earlier in the day.

What is your inspiration? (Why do you create?)
One chunk of fabric … one stitch at a time.

Your magic moment?
The “lightbulb” moment usually comes when a creation springs from the design board into Real Life … without any forethought or planning. This usually happens after many hours of frustrating labor involving the removal of tiny seams.

Walk us through your day of awesomeness
Every day is different, though each one usually begins with greeting the morning with a cup of coffee out on the balcony. The rest of the day is filled with answering emails, posting on Facebook/Twitter, processing orders [either for Etsy sales or for stores], re-stocking inventory, placing supplies orders, a round or two of Cityville, appreciation for the Gifts I have been given in my Life, and some random prayers that the business will continue to grow and orders will continue to come in.

In five years, where would you like to be?
Wandering barefoot through the streets of Italy, frequenting Markets, drinking wine, and making friends with the locals.

 Apart from creating things, what do you do?
I am a Mother to 5 amazing kids who are a constant source of both inspiration and minor headaches, though only when they argue amongst themselves. I create awesome websites from scratch. I help other wonderfully crafty people get just a little bit further in their business. And, I do a little bit every day to help save the World.

What advice would you give to those of the like-mind?
Never give up on your Dreams – they are the foundation of every person’s existence; what puts the spring in each person’s step.

Your Top 5 Haunts in Portland
Where ever my events take me … I enjoy every little thing that Portland has to offer =)

Your Top 5 Songs to get you through a life?
Secrets – One Republic Caribbean Blue – Enya *these are my Top 2 … the rest change on an almost daily basis, depending upon my mood and desire for random inspiration*

Your Top 5 Movies
Somewhere in Time Eat, Pray, Love The Matrix … all of them Anything based upon a Marvel Comic




Whether you are an artist, real estate professional, restaurateur, or band; LGA will cater to the size of your business with affordable options, superior design, and effective copy. LGA is founded upon the shoulders of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and magnificent risk takers. We heart your business with unique and progressive tools resigned to a simple and profound commitment; You!!
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