Meet the Makers : SunRae Kids

SunRae Studios

SunRae Studios

Alison Rae Campbell & Sonia Halvorson

SunRae Kids 

Who are you? (We really wanna know)

Alison Rae Campbell is a local Artist who paints her childhood on anything with a surface.  Sonia is a longtime friend and huge fan of Alison’s imagination.   Both of us are moms.  Together, we are SunRae Kids.  Alison’s happy little creatures swirl around Sonia’s basement, and Sonia helps round them up and make sure they end up on colorful, high quality, organic kids clothing.


What do you do?

Most of the time we pretend like we know what we are doing, and make each other feel important.  What time we have left over, we make clothes.  Alison also makes all sorts of other stuff – paintings, sculptures, art cards, etc. Together, we’re also dabbling in fabric design, blankets, hats and pillows.


What is your inspiration? (Why do you create?)

Alison creates to breathe.  Without the ability to express her imagination, she’d be walking on ceilings and sleeping in the bathtub.   Her inspiration is drawn from childhood memories and other children’s drawings, stories, and brilliant and creative sense of wonder.  Sonia creates to stay sane – her day job involves staring at computer code for hours on end.   Both of us inspire each other and keep each other motivated.

 How do you do what you do when you do what you do?

Alison thinks and thinks and thinks.  Procrastinates.  Thinks some more.  Most big ideas come at an inconvenient time like in the shower or at 3 AM, but she’ll jump on it anyway, rushing to the paper, canvas, computer, or screen print machine to make it happen.

Sonia usually ‘does’ from 9:30 to 4:30.  She’ll dye clothes, order clothes, fill orders for clothes, futz with web stuff, and try to get numbers to behave.  The best part of the time, she’ll keep Alison company while Ali’s creating magic in the basement.

Your magic moment?

Alison’s magic moment is when her creation or design makes her heart smile.  It is then that she knows she gave it life, like magic.

 Walk us through your day of awesomeness

Alison wakes up and attempts to compartmentalize her zillions of ideas without coffee…but fails horribly.  So she makes her way through the ones she can between breaking up fights between her two young children, working on her designs, sidetracking on dirty socks and left over toothpaste in the sink, and the dog begging for a walk.  When she is done, she gets herself together and escapes to the studio to print some very cool designs she thought of while taking her morning shower.

Coffee is very important to Sonia too.

 In five years, where would you like to be?

We’d like to be doing what we’re doing, but maybe have it pay for itself.  Seeing kids wearing our designs would be the ultimate coolest thing ever…hmm maybe a baby fashion show in Paris!


Apart from creating things, what do you do?

Alison is working on a Masters Degree in Art Education with an emphasis on Studio Art.  Sonia writes computer programs to pay the bills.  Both of us spend most of our time with our kids (Alison also home-schools her two boys because she is a bit crazy).


What advice would you give to those of the like-mind?

Nike says Just Do It.  So do the dudes of Ben and Jerry and Cliff Bars. Alison says, “think it, create it” and don’t be afraid to “express it”!  ok ok…it is another way of saying Just Do It but much cooler.

 Some top fives to appease the list lovers

Your Top 5 Songs to get you through a life?

1 Anything by Jack Johnson

2 Anything by Tom Waits

3 Beatles – Her Comes the Sun

4 Kristen Chenoweth  – Taylor the Latte Boy

5 James Taylor – Steamroller

Your Top 5 Haunts in Portland

1 Sonia’s Basement

2 Mocha Momma’s Coffee

3 Oaks Bottom Park

4 Ugly Mug Cafe

5 Lan Su Chinese Garden

Your Top 5 Movies

1 Grease

2 Seven Samurai

3 Footloose

4 Big Night

5 Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control


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  1. Hilarious and inspiring! What is it about brainstorms in the shower? I’m thinking maybe a well placed waterproof chalkboard maybe? You two sound like the perfect team, thanks for sharing 🙂

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